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A 12-week program, focusing on the cultural, personal and commercial needs of early-stage businesses to grow and develop.

You will learn about the key aspects of running and growing a business, blending the need for founder wellbeing, cultural connection and technical business knowledge.

This program inspires future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs via a 12-week program that supports business founders to manage and improve their wellbeing, connection to culture, accelerate organisational growth and impact, and improve business outcomes.

The Enhance Program is made up of 3 features:

  • Live-in Residential Program

    • Focuses on supporting the personal growth and cultural connection of founders, building their skills and capabilities to lead a successful business

    • Provides founders a transformational experience, developing the capacity and ability to impact true business change.

  • Enterprise Pathway

    • An 11-week program catering to the specific needs of each business

    • Including group education and individual sessions that focus on enhancing the critical business skills needed to accelerate growth and impact - legal, financial, strategy, cultural

  • Mentoring

    • Each business will be matched with an experienced mentor, providing  a sounding board and support for key decisions

We will be holding our first Women’s Residential Retreat in March 2020 and Men’s Retreat following in May 2020. Please register your interest below.


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