Looking for somewhere to start?


It all starts with a positive mindset and the desire to do things differently.

Our experienced team will work with participants to harness their creativity, connection to culture and desire to do things differently, inspiring people to take the first step to starting their own business

This program inspires future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs by:

  • Building confidence amongst participants to take the first step towards starting their own business

  • Focusing on the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture

  • Providing an understanding of the business tools needed to start a business

  • Introducing experienced mentors who will provide guidance and inspiration by sharing their personal stories of personal and business growth

This program can be tailored to suit students and other groups exploring career pathways, or people who might experience barriers to mainstream employment.



Shepparton - 6 November 2019 12-3pm

(this is a womens only session)

We are currently working with key partners to deliver tailored Ignite workshops for schools and organisations. If you would like to discuss opportunities for the people and communities you work alongside please get in touch.

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