Looking to turn your idea into a business?


This program provides you with the skills to turn your idea into a meaningful business.

You will develop an understanding of the business skills, tools and mindsets required to turn your business idea into action.


This program inspires future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs by:

  • Building confidence amongst participants to take their business idea and transform it into a business, or validate an existing concept in-market

  • Focusing on the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture

  • Providing a practical business toolkit that can be used to support business creation and development

  • Introducing experienced mentors who will provide guidance and inspiration by sharing their personal stories of personal and business growth



Date - Location

Melbourne 25th November 2019 - 4 to 7.30pm @ The Centre of Black Excellence - 49 Agnes Street East Melbourne. Dinner provided.

This session will focus on For Purpose and Social Enterprise but all are welcome. Please sign up below.

Shepparton - Nov 2019 - please register your interest below.

If you would like to see the Accelerate program run in your area please get in touch below.


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